Sweet Charity The spring musical

Written By: Gina Crespo

The Performing Arts Club is hard at work preparing to debut their latest spring musical on February 6. This year the club will be performing Sweet Charity, a musical filled with heartfelt songs and energetic dance numbers.

The musical is set in New York in the 1960s and tells the story of the romantic endeavors of Charity Hope Valentine, played by senior Pia Nair.

Charity, an optimist and hopeless romantic, works as a taxi dancer at a dance hall in New York City along with her friends Helene, played by senior Amanda Marban, and Nickie, played by senior Emily Johnson.

After getting dumped by her boyfriend, played by Caleb Cruz, Charity decides that she will not be hurt by another man again.

This promise, however, is short lived because Charity soon becomes involved with a suave Italian movie star Vittorio Vidal, played by senior Landon Watford. Her relationship with Vittorio ends quickly and Charity finds herself alone again.

While stuck in an elevator, Charity meets Oscar Lindquist, played by senior Tomas Lopez. Oscar is a shy accountant who is different from the other men Charity has dealt with in the past.

This year, Sweet Charity is being directed by senior Glowie Allday. As the director, Allday has a lot of responsibility.

Allday said, “It’s been certainly lots of work. There are so many moving parts to keep track of. You’re constantly thinking, “Who’s missing rehearsals today? What do we need to buy for the set? Has this scene been blocked yet?” But despite it all, I couldn’t be happier to be part of such a great team of people. There’s nothing more satisfying than progress.”

Senior Pia Nair plays the show’s protagonist, Charity Hope Valentine. Her role as the musical’s lead is a change from her supporting role in last year’s musical Little Shop of Horrors.

Senior Julia Cooper has been hard at work as the show’s stage manager.

“Although I have a huge role to play in coordinating what goes on backstage, I get to work alongside some of my best friends so I have equally as much as fun as I do stress. The musical this year is one of the most fun and upbeat that have had at MAST while I have been involved with performing arts. So I think there is something that everyone at school can enjoy,”  Cooper said.

The spring musical will be performed on February 6 starting at 3:30 p.m., February 7 starting at 7 p.m., and February 8 at starting 7 p.m. in the auditorium. Tickets cost ten dollars and they can be purchased during lunches or at the door.


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