New planets discovered

Written By: Emilio Pagan

Everyone looks up at the starry night sky with a sense of wonder. However, members of an MIT-led NASA mission put this idea in action after they launched a TESS (Transmitting Exoplanet Survey Satellite)  probe in April of last year.

The TESS is examining the sky, currently looking for other planets.

TESS’s new cutting edge technology does not just scan a narrow region of outer space, it instead surveys the whole sky, section by section. It is examining an area 400 times larger than that of the Kepler Spacecraft who was launched back in 2009.

Because of this new method, hundreds of planets outside our solar system have been discovered, eight of which have been properly analyzed and documented by NASA.

TESS has even witnesses six supernova explosions way before telescopes on earth recorded them.

“This can be the chance humanity gets to examine an alien planet with similar conditions of that of earth. It’s called the Goldilocks Zone where everything is ‘just right’ so life can be supported on the planet,”  Junior Fernando Figueroa said.

The TESS satellite is yet another groundbreaking advancement further expanding our views in outer space. Every new discovery that TESS has found is an additional planet that fits as a candidate for the examination of extraterrestrial life.


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