Get on track with these fitness apps

Written By: Kaylee Rodriguez

With the new year comes an influx of new gym memberships. For students, making it to the gym can be inconvenient and unaffordable. Luckily, exercise does not have to be limited to gym classes and expensive machines. Here are a couple of fitness apps and devices that will help you get active in any environment.


Physical Education teacher Christopher Rossin uses the Strava app to track his runs and bike rides. Strava allows runners and cyclists to track their routes via GPS. It also serves as a fitness social media network where users can upload pictures, follow friends and share details from their exercise activities.

MyFitness Pal:

The MyFitnessPal app combines nutrition with exercise routines to optimize results. The app allows its user to track their daily caloric intake and create personalized diet profiles depending on their goals.

Apple Watch:

The Apple Watch does far more than accessorize your wrist. It has settings to monitor heart rate and daily activities. The watch monitors exercise in three rings: Stand, Exercise, and Move. If all three rings are complete, then you have reached your daily goes. It also features its own health and workout apps

FIT Radio:

A great playlist can greatly enhance a workout. To get into the the rhythm, check out FIT Radio. Voted as the App Store’s number 1 music app, it features continuous music mixes engineered by DJ’s. Users can find music by genre, workout type, and BPM.



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