Food for the stomach, the earth, and the soul

Written By: Skye Hervas-Jones

Under The Mango Tree (Miami Beach)

Hidden along a strip mall in Miami Beach hides a hidden gem called Under the Mango Tree, this charming restaurant radiates love and happiness as soon as you enter. The large mango tree that reaches the roof in the center of the store and the local made products for sale that are scattered around add to the cozy, bohemian vibe. Their smoothies and juices are completely made from fresh fruit. They also offer acai bowls, juices, melts, and salads.

Their packaging is completely sustainable as they serve their drinks in mugs or mason jars with paper straws. They also sell a starter pack for eliminating plastic from your life.

My personal recommendation is their Pink Dragon smoothie, which contains dragon fruit, banana, apple and coconut nectar

Green Life (Brickell, Miami Beach, Coral Gables)

Green Life’s motto is in their name, their mouthwatering menu is crafted by using ingredients free of genetically modified organisms, pesticides, hormones. They serve simple, healthy and organic food with 90% of their products being organic and locally sourced. Their Eco-ware is made with potato starch and plates from sugarcane bagasse making them recyclable and compostable.

Their furniture is also either reclaimed, recycled or donated from local job sites. Not only are they helping the Earth, but everyone who visits becomes regular customer. They offer Acai bowls, wraps and an incredible avocado toast. Most of their food and drink are under $10 so it’s a great place if you are on a budget.

Pura Vida (Coral Gables, South Beach)

Living a simple, pure life is what Pura Vida restaurant strives to do for their customers. The owners created a menu that can be eaten at any time of the day, and strive to create jobs for the people in the community. Their food is locally sourced, keeping high standard with their farm to table policy. They shop sustainably and open their restaurant up to adults, kids and even pets.

For those who wake up late noon or even early morning, Pura Vida offers an all-day menu and a special section for avocado lovers. They also sell Acai bowls, superfood smoothies, wellness shots and bowls.

My personal recommendation is their Mango Salmon Bowl, which contains oven roasted salmon, quinoa, arugula, avocado, mango, cherry tomatoes, pickled cabbage and Pura Vida sauce.


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