Explore art for free at the Perez Art Museum

Written By: Carolina Niebla

There is a new way you can get into the beautiful Perez Art Museum Miami (PAMM)  for free. PAMM offers an excellent deal for MDCPS students.

If you are a student in Miami Dade County Public Schools grades Pre-k through 12th grade, you can register for a student pass. The pass allows for the student to bring a guest over the age of 18, free of charge.

To get the pass, you just need to fill out a form at the museum. The pass is valid for one year and then expires on August 31 of every year. On September 1, students can renew their pass as long as they are still a Dade County student. Even though the passes give free admission, they do not give the benefits that memberships do such as discounts at the museum store and early admission to certain exhibits.

The student pass allows exposure to this exhibit and many others for any Miami Dade County Public Schools student.

A new exhibit that you can see with the student pass is called “while the dew is still on the roses” that showcases African Americans and beautiful floral arrangements. The artist, Ebony G. Patterson, exhibits black and brown men being decorated in embellished clothes and jewelry through a time lapse to explore gender. They are depicted crying to show the violence towards these people globally. Through the dark background decorated with bright flowers shows that although it may have a dark message, its representing them in beauty.


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