Engineering students build an “American Ninja Warrior” style obstacle course

Written By: Daisy Hoover

Our school could soon have its very own American Ninja Warrior style obstacle course, planned, built, and funded entirely by engineering students. The project began with a state-mandated civil engineering lesson, which engineering teacher Allan Miller used as an opportunity to challenge his students.

“I asked them what they wanted to build, and they wanted to build the obstacle course,” Miller said.

Students taking Miller’s engineering classes are excited to take on such an enormous challenge.

“Personally, I think it’s really ambitious. It’s very challenging and it shows the caliber of teacher that Mr. Miller is,” junior Victor Martinez said.

Students were divided into ten teams to design different obstacles.

“They had to prove the physics behind each obstacle and come up with the instructions and budget,” Miller said.

Students addressed several issues during the design process, making sure the designs were feasible, safe, and not over budget. Once the plans were finalized, students built prototypes of the seven obstacles they selected and pitched the course to administration.

After a student presentation, principal Dr. McKoy approved the project. With the go-ahead from administration, the engineering program now faces its biggest challenge yet: fundraising. The obstacle course is estimated to cost $7,000, a sum the engineering program is entirely responsible for.

“There is no money in the school budget for this. I’m working on the paperwork so that we are approved to use OSP for donations,” Miller said.

The plan is to use OSP, the Online School Payments system, like Kickstarter. Donation options for the obstacle course will be listed there just like course fees and field trip payments. Though the OSP is not yet set up, Miller asks that anyone interested in donating please stay posted.

Though the course will not be easy to build and fund, the engineering students are excited to get started.

“It’s something I like doing. I think it’s something the people at school will like doing, and it will benefit the school in the long run,” junior Derrick Roseman said.

The engineering classes want the course to be open for all students who would like to give it a try.


For those interested, the plans and budget for the course can be found at


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