Artechouse: Fusing art and technology in interactive displays

Written By: Taylor Politi

As you walk down Collins Avenue on Miami Beach you would never guess that there is an innovative art gallery devoted to showcasing observational and technology driven installations and performances hidden in an everyday, ordinary white building.

Artechouse is part of the national and now local trend of using technology to create interactive art that has become discovered and more popular, especially with teenagers, in the past couple of months.

“I initially heard about Artechouse from my friend and saw it all over social media. It looked extremely interesting so I decided to try it not knowing if I would like it but it ended up being an incredible experience and a great place to take pictures,” junior Liberty Hernandez said.

On November 15 Artechouse opened the “XYZT Abstract Landscapes,” an exhibit by French digital artists Adrien M and Claire B. The highly interactive show offers an exploratory physical experience through ten digital installations.

Visitors can interact, play and gape at the installations engulfed with lines, dots, light and letters in this virtual playground of four dimensions: X (horizontal), Y (vertical), Z (depth), and T (time).

You can touch, step on and move around in the 10 different installations inside the exhibit and manipulate them with your body. Guests who visit the exhibition will experience an immersive and spectacular digital arts experience: walking on floors that react to footsteps, manipulating light particles within a giant digital cube and blowing into glass boxes to witness virtual letters that assemble and disassemble like magic.

Miami is just one of many stops for the XYZT exhibit in the United States It was showcased earlier at the Brooklyn Music Academy in New York, Artechouse in Washington D.C. and most recently at Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, Massachusetts.

“I went to see the XYZT exhibit at the Brooklyn Music Academy in New York and enjoyed the exhibit so much I decided to see it again when I heard it was coming here in Miami. Both times I really enjoyed the mind blowing installation,” junior Jacqueline Lesentier said.

With a mission to inspire, educate, and empower the creation of new, experiential and exploratory art forms, Artechouse connects all audiences to the arts, and stimulates interest in technology, science and creativity. From seniors, to adults, to teenagers, to children this exhibit is enjoyed by everyone.

Where: 736 Collins Ave., Miami Beach

Hours: Daily from 10 a.m.-10 p.m. (a new session starts every 45 minutes)

Tickets: $17 for kids 2-14; $20 for students, seniors and military; $24 adults


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