WLRN journalist speaks to Quill and Scroll

Written By: Carolina Niebla

On November 15th, class of 2010 alumnus Alex Gonzalez came to visit the Newspaper, Yearbook, and Literary Magazine staff at the monthly Quill and Scroll “Breakfast With The Newspaper” meeting. As a part of The Beacon staff, he was News Editor, Truck Editor, and Editor-in-Chief.

“Being Editor-In-Chief was a fun, collaborative job. I’ll never forget being able to work with such a talented group to produce such a great product,” Gonzalez said.

After studying Journalism at the  University of Miami and New York University, he now works at public radio station 91.3, WLRN.

“Newspaper helped me develop a great talent for learning how to talk to strangers. This was extremely helpful in developing my skills for my Journalism career,” Gonzalez said.

Due to his extensive knowledge in journalism, he spoke to the students about the business and his days on The Beacon staff. He talked about one of the most controversial issues during his time at MAST and his involvement in it to show that things are still similar in our staff today.

Regarding his job at WLRN, he talked about the process of coming out with a segment for the radio and proceeded to explain how each minute on air takes about 60 minutes of work.

Although he never thought he would do anything other than print as a career, he ended up in the radio industry and he explained how anyone can find a job in journalism  if they are interested. He hopes that the students learned that there are many opportunities in journalism, that there is always a job for someone, and to think of high school journalism as the foundation for the rest of your career.


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