The Beacon’s Belief: Goodbye MAST Blast

Where did we go wrong? We lost the Mako Pride.

Last school year, MAST Blast saw its final takeoff. While the school made tireless efforts to organize and carry out the event, not all the Makos decided to attend. Many decided to stay behind, remaining with the few teachers that stayed on campus instead of attending the school wide event at the Miami Seaquarium. The outcome of this reduced participation has led to the dissolving of a long running MAST tradition. With everyone pointing fingers, trying to find out why we have lost it, we have forgotten to point the fingers at ourselves. Could MAST Blast be gone because of our lack of school spirit?

This issue was felt by the class of 2019 student government last year, as their frustrated efforts to gather support for the class trip ended with the cancellation of the event, due to the lack of participation. The solution to this problem is quite simple. Students participation is key. The problem will be solved once we are able to unite as a school and student body, bearing the MAST colors proudly.

I know so far this article has spoken about the lack of MAST pride. This year, however, Mako spirits are on the rise, making waves. SGA has been hard at work, planning big and small things to raise the pride students feel for the school. The perfect example of this was the pep rally, in which every grade was eager to participate and they made their voices loud and clear enough to be heard. SGA efforts have always been there, it is just up to the students to want to be excited and proud of the school.

Having little school spirit makes it seem like we are not united as a student body, and it feels like many do not feel proud to represent the Makos. As we have seen, the consequences of low school spirit leads to low turnout to school events for the students, which ultimately leads to their cancellation. So next time we refuse to show our Mako pride, we have to think of how this might affect our future enjoyment the school arduously plans for us.

It would be incredible to hear every student proudly recite, “To our pride, and our home, MAST Academy.” These are the last words of our alma mater that many of us did not even know existed. As we carry on forward and SGA and other clubs plan to raise our school spirit, we as a student body have to unite and work on raising the spirit of our home, MAST Academy.


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