Taylor Tackles: Kicking off the soccer season

Written By: Taylor Politi

Team dynamics are the driving force for behavior and performance. This year the boys and girls soccer teams have improved their cohesion compared to previous years.

After losing several seniors last year, both teams seemed nervous going into the season even with months of extensive training under their belts. In all sports, losing integral, dedicated players due to their graduating takes a major toll on overall confidence. The soccer teams, however, have managed to overcome this issue, kicking off the season to a great start.

The girls team has won all but one game thus far and their stellar performances are a result of the new team dynamic this year. Many new members, such as Camila Menendez, Rebecca Ormo and Isabella Abad, are proving their worth to the team, contributing to the winning games this year.

“The team this year is filled with many new players who each have their own skills. When the season first started we got off to a rough start bonding with each other but now there is a connection. Many of the girls have helped us become a better team and improve our dynamic as a whole which has so far led to success,” Team Captain Gaby Malevenda said.

The boys team seems to be working together better this year too. Players used to focus on honing their individual skills instead of what was best for the team. Everything is functioning better, as can be seen in their near perfect record so far.

“This year there have been many players who have stepped up to the plate to replace last year’s seniors. One of these players being Eduardo Ruiz, despite having just recovered from a hamstring injury. This year we have become a lot closer as a team which definitely gives us an advantage in the game against other schools” Mateo Spencer said.

The players have worked tirelessly on teamwork and are making an effort to have team dinners together and hang out outside of the soccer field. Captains and seniors are also making sure that they set good examples for the younger players, especially the ones brand new to the team. Leadership is very important in soccer, and in all sports, to make sure the team dynamic gets to where it needs to be.


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