PepsiCo Recycling truck visit

Written By: Gina Crespo

Through hosting beach cleanups, starting a recycling program, and even installing solar panels, our school has always worked to become as environmentally friendly as possible. On Thursday, November 15, the PepsiCo Recycling Roadster visited our school to promote recycling.

The PepsiCo Recycling Roadster travels to various events around the county, such as the Miami Book Fair. However, MAST Academy was the first school the Roadster has visited.

Their goal is to educate the public about recycling and motivate people to recycle more. At each event they visit, they ensure that there are recycling bins and even hire local companies to collect and process plastic water bottles.

The roadster itself is hybrid electric truck and is equipped with solar panels on the roof. These modifications on the vehicle ensure that it can be more efficient and use less fuel while traveling to different locations.

While at our school, the company brought several activities in which students could learn about recycling.

The company set up a photobooth where students could go to take pictures with friends. In these photos, students could hold up signs that promoted helping the environment. There was also a portable bottle flipping activity in which students could try to flip a plastic water bottle. A table with several tablets was set up near the roadster. Here students could compete with friends and try to get high scores on games based on recycling.

Our school is the only school in the county that has recycling. In order to keep the program going, students must recycle properly and often.

When recycling at school or at home, here are some key points to remember. Empty bottles, cans, paper, and cardboard can be recycled. Any food items cannot be recycled. Containers for liquid need to be emptied completely and containers for food must be cleaned before they are recycled. Loose plastic items such as plastic wrapping or shopping bags cannot be recycled.

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