Makos take Art Basel: Students explore contemporary art

Written By: Daisy Hoover

Thousands of celebrities, socialites, and art lovers flock to Miami every December to revel in the premier international art festival known as Art Basel.

New art teacher Eduardo Lacayo wanted to ensure that his students would not be left out of this incredible culture experience. Tickets to the fair were priced at $50 for students, but Mr. Lacayo ensured that the trip was free and open to all members of the Art History and Appreciation and the Architecture and Design clubs.

There were multiple stops on the itinerary, the first being at the Dorchester Hotel and Suites in Miami Beach, which was transformed to host the INK, Miami Art Fair. As students made their way through the hotel, they encountered many different art pieces. ‘

“The kinds of work there were almost entirely modern,” senior Glow Allday said, “and ranged from paintings to 3-D printed designs.”

After a lunch break at McDonalds, the students were taken to the Miami Beach Convention Center. There were let loose to explore Art Basel.

Before leaving, the group saw a live art demonstration in the main hall. The group arrived just in time for the performance and headed home on the bus once the show was over.

Mr. Lacayo felt the trip was a success and hopes to return next year. The students highly enjoyed the trip.

“Art Basel surrounded me with culture, the latest fashion, and mind-altering artworks.” junior Diego Gamez said.

“It will forever be the centerpiece of the year for me. I would call Art Basel one of the greatest experiences I’ve ever had and I would strongly recommend it to everyone interested in art.”

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