Beatrice Rodriguez becomes the first female on the basketball team

Written By: Skye Herves-Jones

Beatrice Rodriguez, better known as Bea, is an inspiration. She is the creator of tie Friday, designer of her own bear hoodie, known for being an hilarious punster and is also the first girl to ever make it on MAST Academy’s basketball team.

Bea has always been an exceptional athlete, playing a variety of sports throughout her life such as volleyball, softball, soccer, fencing, cross country, basketball and rowing.

She is currently juggling rowing with Miami Rowing Club as well as playing basketball for MAST. Having to handle one sport is already a hardship, but after talking to Bea her love for both teams shone through, her passion and drive was undeniable.

She described basketball and the feeling of being on the court as, “The rush, the action, the euphoria; its incomparable.”

One would expect that being the first girl on the basketball team, much less any male sports team would come with its struggles. However, Bea had no horrific stories saying how the guys were “normally pretty chill” and spoke on a positive note.

 “I love playing for MAST so far. Everyone is really funny and enthusiastic which makes every practice extremely fun. Coach is also really fair and composed which I really respect. It is a bit tough having to handle two sports since both are extremely physical but it is completely worth it as I get to play two sports I love,” Rodriguez said.

She initially did not expect to get on the team explaining, “while I have good defense, my offense is lacking. When I saw the posted list on the locker doors I was elated. Basketball is my passion and I’m so happy to be able to play for my school.”

Through it all she had both the support of her friends and family cheering her on every day of tryouts. When I asked if she was happy she responded with a resounding “YESS!!” She is able to play her favorite sports, be a part of an incredible group of people and also have the title of the first girl on MAST Academy’s basketball team, and for that she will go down in history.


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