Verde: the market of the future

Written by: Emilio Pagan

Verde is a market of the future. With its innovative no-plastic policy, they are hoping to create a consciousness about the amount of plastic that goes to waste daily.

We were inspired to create Verde by watching our trash cans pile up with plastic containers every four days from milk, laundry, orange juice, etc,” co-owner Pamela Barrera said.

The whole concept of the market is to have bulk refills where customers can bring in their own containers to fill up with all the healthy products they offer. Here you can find natural and organic soaps, raw honey, dried fruit, spices, and numerous superfruits.

Even though they have been open for only three months, Verde has built an ideology. Its philosophy is to help the environment while educating the community to do the same.

“We believe that if we can create some conscious little by little we will make a change and try to save the world one bottle at a time” Pamela claimed.

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