Taylor Tackles: The Football Team

Written by: Taylor Politi

Homecoming started on college campuses as a fall commemoration for the first football game of the season, for which alumni would return to their alma maters. The massive crowds would rally and parades would be lively. Homecoming was intended to unite students and alumni and to create a stronger sense of school pride.

However, times have changed, alumni is no longer involved in most homecoming celebrations, more students attend the homecoming parties than the actual dance, and at MAST we do not even have a homecoming football game.

“Only around 250 people are attending homecoming this year and and it definitely shows the diminishing enthusiasm occuring in the school but if everyone makes an effort we can get the school spirit back to where it should be.” Secretary of Class 2020, Alexa Venereo said.

Many students wonder where the lack of spirit comes from when we have spirit week with the pep rally and other upbeat events but not everyone participates in the dressing up for spirit week or the pep rally and where our major lack of effort lies is in our school sports. The absence of support at our sport events is disheartening our athletes and coaches. Although some people are making a difference to increase school spirit, especially with our school sports. For example, teachers give extra credit to students to attend games. The major lack in the homecoming essence is the fact that we do not have the football game.

Our football field has sat relatively empty since it was made in 2014 and continues to be unused other than some sport practices and P.E classes. The school claims the population is not big enough to have a football team here or that students would not be interested in competing for a football team but I believe having a football team here would increase school spirit and add more of a high school experience.

When talking to parents or adults they often speak of their greatest high school memories like watching and participating in football games, including the homecoming game. We should be making more of an effort to assure we will be talking in the future about our great experiences and amazing school spirit back when we were in high school. It is not as fun going to other schools’ football games and feeling so out of place so we should be seriously researching the situation with the football team as it could make huge improvements to our lack of passion.

I have confidence our school can get our spirit groove back but everyone needs to make an effort. Dress up for all the spirit days, go to the school events like homecoming, offer to decorate your classes’ hallway, and show up to sport games.Take it among yourself to research how we can get a football team or talk to administration because sometimes it feels like we are the only school in South Florida without a football team and we should at least try to make that change because our lost school spirit is worth fighting for.

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