Second Cup with McKoy: Principal hosts morning meeting with parents over coffee

Written by: Daisy Hoover

Stacks of striped paper cups line a table parallel to the auditorium stage. The room is cold, but the crowd is warm and the coffee is piping hot. More parents shuffle in and Dr. McKoy begins to speak. He explains that the event will commence town-hall style and reads through a list of updates before taking questions from parents.

The Second Cup of Coffee, while new to MAST, is not new to Dr. McKoy.

“It started as something I did in my old school, and it was called the Second Cup of Coffee with the Principal, so it was something I had done before. It’s a way for parents to talk to me directly,” McKoy said.

Dr. McKoy appeared comfortable in front of the crowd, keeping conversation moving to address as many issues as possible. One by one, parents were picked to stand up and voice their concerns and questions. The discussion ranged from “Ship-shape” dress code to classroom cell phone usage. Of particular concern for parents was potential disciplinary crackdown on unexcused tardies.

Dr. McKoy was careful to make sure parents were understood, paraphrasing each response back to the crowd.

“It’s important to keep an open mind, be humble, and be honest, because every person has a different temperament, so I have to make sure I understand everyone from their perspective,” McKoy said.

Ultimately, parents had a favorable view of the Second Cup of Coffee. Taima Hervas, a second-timer, was pleased with the principal’s efforts and plans to attend future meetings.

“It was, as always, enlightening and interesting. I am impressed with the Captain for the interest he takes in parents’ questions and concerns. He is on the right course. We are stronger together,” Hervas said.

Dr. McKoy plans to continue the Second Cup of Coffee and will convene with parents regularly. He understands that for some, the 9 a.m. meeting time can be difficult to make, as many have busy work schedules. Dr. McKoy welcomes messages and emails from parents and is committed to communication. He even has a special system set up.

“I have an email that you can directly access me at. Just put “Captain” in the subject line and I will respond to you within 48 hours,” McKoy said.

For any curious parents, Dr. McKoy’s email can be found on

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