Record Bible Club Turnout: Club has been rapidly gathering new members

Written by: Kaylee Rodriguez

Students and staff gathered together for the first Bible Club meeting of the year, filling up every space available in the room including the floor and hallway. This attendance was the greatest the club had ever seen. With a combination of Krispy Kreme donuts and a powerful message in their system, members left with a contagious energy.


“I was in awe of the diversity present in the room. The number of students and staff members in attendance surpassed my expectations,” club sponsor Melissa Ervin said.


The first three meetings were led by senior Andres Bickford, the Vice-President of the club. Already, the club has experienced tears, hugs, and two responses to a salvation call. Another thing that has distinguished the start of this year from years prior is the support of the teachers and staff.


“I feel a transformation. Even though not everyone in the room is a believer, the Word of God is spreading through our school. Jesus preached to the Gentiles, and this club is preaching to students of every background and identity,” Special Education specialist M. Bryant said.


The focus of the club is to create an inclusive and understanding environment for students to learn more about the Christian faith, but students do not have to belong to any religion to attend. Catholics, agnostics, and people of various other faiths have attended.


“I have had a lot of people, including non-believers, tell me that they felt something great. A great peace they have never felt before as we were diving in deep into the word of God (which is epic)!” Bickford said.


“This club is a community of acceptance and love. I want to see the club grow internally more than externally, taking the knowledge and virtues they learn and sharing them with our school, Key Biscayne, and beyond. Regardless of who it is, everyone walks away from these meetings with something,” Irvin said.


This year the club is expanding their reach, in both the school and community, by partnering with Key Biscayne Community Church. KBCC donated bibles for the club and has agreed to supply donuts for every meeting. In the year to come, the club hopes to engage in more community outreach and events. They also plan on inviting guest speakers, including a possible visit by Vous Church pastor, Rich Wilkerson. If one thing is sure, it is that the club members are extremely excited to see what God has in store for them this year.


In the words of Bickford, and the club as a whole, “God is moving, and it is exhilarating.”

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