Maniac review: Netflix’s new mindbending drama

Written By: Zuzelle Ramos

Netflix continues expanding their list of original series with the addition of Maniac, a disorienting show that leaves the audience wanting more. The series stars Emma Stone as Annie Landsberg and Jonah Hill as Owen Milgrim; they take part in a clinical trial that offers help to individuals struggling with their traumatic experience.  

Junior Amanda DiPerna stated, “I really enjoyed the show because it is similar to Black Mirror in its twisted, yet fascinating way. Plus Emma Stone and Jonah Hill are amazing and play their roles so well.”  

When Annie and Owen are introduced, their characters are displayed as having polar opposite backgrounds, but even though their lives started at different routes they ended up on the same road. Annie comes from a middle class family, while Owen comes from a wealthy family. Within their families they both go through catastrophic events that leaves them scared. Through different ways they learn of the trail, they figured the trial was the only alternative for a fix with their mental health.

Before Annie and Owen were  accepted into the trial they had to go through a screening. This screening intensified the mystery of their past experiences. The audience does not trust characters when they do not know the person they are. The past experiences of characters presented in the show, give insight into who the characters are, allowing the audience to identify with the characters. Within the show Annie and Owen do not even know if they can trust each other, but when they live alternate realities together due to a malfunction, they grow closer together.  

Maniac does not have a set genre. Instead, it experiments with a mixing of science fiction, comedy, and romance. This combination allows viewers with different interests to enjoy this series together. The show captivates viewers with its unique story-telling method of fragmenting its characters into different planes of reality. Unlike most of Netflix’s other releases, which viewers criticize for being unoriginal and lacking a decent plot, Maniac is like a breath of fresh air.


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