Homecoming, spirit week, and more

Written by: Kaylee Rodriguez

Students and teachers alike repped their class colors, favorite movie characters, iconic memes, and pajamas during this years spirit week. At a school that is often blamed for lack of spirit, this year saw lots of involvement.
“It is awesome to see people show their spirit in their own unique way,” junor Iliza Aguiar said.

Spirit Week:
This year’s spirit week included fancy day, pajama day, twin day, movie character day, meme day, and color rush day. Suits and ties, bathrobes, Thing 1 and Thing 2, Harry Potter, and Kermit the Frog were some of the most popular outfits. Throughout the week, studnets dressed as dinosaurs made appearances around the school.Overall, students were excited with this year’s participation:
“It’s [spirit week] pretty cool to be honest. It is fun seeing how creative peopple get with the days, especially meme day and movie character day” junior Julian Basulto said.

Pep Rally:
On color rush day, the halls were filled with students and teachers decked out in their respective class colors. Pep rally was kicked off with the signature senior run. Senior Landon Watford led the charge wearing his shark costume and bearing a red flag with the the word“Re19n” painted across it. Seniors Karl William-Nietert and Jaylen Bishop were this year’s announcers.
As always, studnets especially enjoyed the dance competition. Melanie Ervin, Otto Zequira, Maria Sardinas, and Stella Crespo were among the teachers that broke it down on the field. Other games included the water ballon toss and tug-of-war. Although the other classes put up a fight, the Seniors asserted their dominance in the games and took home the victory.

Students danced the night away at the “Club Mako” themed homecoming dance. Even administrators joined in on the fun. Assistant Principal Liliana Suarez taught students how to salsa dance and Michael Gould showed his moves in the center of a dance circle. Homecoming was hosted at Jungle Island and featured a larger dance floor and more menu options than last year.
Internship coordinator and former MAST Academy homecoming queen Melanie Ervin, crowned Homecoming king Lucas Alves and Homecoming queen Layla Profeta. Alves and Profeta shared a slow dance to the song “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran.

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