From class to the polls: Students cast their vote

Written by: Gina Crespo

Voter turnout for young people, especially those ages 18-25, has always been notoriously low compared to other age groups. With pressing issues like climate change and gun regulation, the voices of voters, now more than ever, will determine the future of our country.

On Wednesday October 24, AP Government students and eligible voters went on a field trip to vote in the midterm elections and visit the HistoryMiami Museum set up by history teachers Carlos Couzo and Jeffrey Raymond.

When asked why it is important for students to vote, Raymond said, “Young people, between the ages 18 and 25, have the worst voting turnout of any demographic and yet, they have the most to gain by choosing the representatives who will make decisions about their future. This is a trend we need to change.”

Although the official day to vote in Florida’s midterm election is November 6, these students were able to vote at one of the many Early Voting locations around South Florida.

The day before the field trip, Rho Kappa Honor Society held a meeting for eligible voters. The club officers went through the major amendments on the ballot and also gave unbiased information about the beliefs of the candidates running for Senator and Governor of Florida.

At the polling place in Downtown, first time voters were given instructions on how to vote. Those who were not able to vote learned about the voting process and the improvements being made at polling areas.  

“If there was a larger student turnout they will have a much larger and influential say in our government and running it to keep up with the time and avoid the mistakes made in the past,” senior Emily Johnson.

After voting, the trip continued at the HistoryMiami Museum. At the museum the students participated in a tour known as “We the People.” The two-hour long tour reviewed the Constitution, the structure of our government and our role as citizens.

The tour also thoroughly issues such as suffrage and civil rights. Once the tour ended, students were able to look at the different exhibits there.

Overall the trip gave students an opportunity to see the workings of the government in action and learn more about how the United States government has affected and continues to affect the people of the nation.

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