Flying High: Students pursue aviation goals

Written By: Amir Bredy

The future is something that most high school students dread to think about in terms of deciding on career paths and life plans. One promising field that students are currently getting involved in is aviation. Alvaro Martin, Kai Tworoger, and Zion Moss are taking leaps towards their goals of becoming pilots or aeronautical engineers after college. The aviation industry is in high demand for hard working aspiring pilots, according to the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, through 2037 there will be a need for over 635,000 new pilots  

People usually credit a good experience early in life to something that they want to get into as a career and this rings true for Tworoger. “What sparked your interest in aviation as a career in your future?”

“What sparked my interest in aviation was actually my mother. When I was child she was in architecture school and did a big 8-week trip traveling around the world studying different types or architecture in different countries. So of course, the spastic child I am no baby sitter wanted to take care of me for that long, so I got to hitch a ride. Of course, to get from country to country you had to fly or take a take a train and it all started from there. I would just stare outside that window for hours just amazed by the scenery of just blue skies and clouds,” Tworoger said.

Flying is a skill that is not easy to master but Zion gives his insight on why he is so invested in all aspects of aviation.

“I would say it’s the freedom that it gives you for a few hours at a time you’re no longer attached to the earth and you get to see the world from a greater perspective.”

Becoming an aviator is a daunting task and requires many hurdles from acquiring certain licenses to getting the required ratings to actually fly. Martin calls the process rigorous, lengthy, and expensive but worth it. He is currently working on getting his private pilot’s license next summer and has plans for his future after graduating.

“After high school I’ll then attend flight school, acquire all the necessary licenses and ratings to fly commercially. After flight school is when I will finally apply to the regional airlines,” Martin said.

The current state of commercial aviation is weakening with raw numbers of pilots going down with retirement, but airlines are still ordering new planes. This trend was introduced to Moss and he gave his perspective on the whole thing.

“Commercial aviation is moving away from having physical pilots and is moving more towards fully autonomous flights, though it’s a common trend in all industries I feel that there is an aspect in flying that only a human can comprehend and fulfill. Flying is more than just a series of calculations and maneuvers and there is no way to program that into a computer,” Moss said.

All together these talented students have operated many aircrafts like the Cessna 172SP and 208 Caravan. In addition, they have also flown planes made by Columbia and Mitsubishi all while perfecting their craft and love for flying.

“I love aviation so much, and that I can’t wait to be in the skies with my copilot Alvaro Martin who is also a fellow aviation enthusiast here at Mast Academy. One day I could be flying your route, so see you in the skies.” Tworoger said.

“Aviation is my future, it is something that will allow me to explore the world and bring on new adventures, and as such I want to do it with my co-pilot and friend, Kai” Martin said.

“All my life I’ve been aspiring to build bigger and bigger things and also to go as fast as I possibly can, and I feel that aviation is the pinnacle of both those things: engineering and speed, “Moss said.

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