Taylor Tackles… the split swim team

Written By: Taylor Politi

Our swim team used to be all about training and competing to show off the skills we work so hard to perfect throughout the fall. For the previous years most of the swimmers competed at many dual meets, GMACS, districts, regional, and states. This year a new group has been added that trains with the swim team, but does not compete.

“Just training with the school is a great experience. Not only are you able to practice swimming without going under the pressure of competing, you are getting fit for other sports too,” swim team captain Penelope Roca said.

This conditioning group consists mostly of water polo players getting ready to play in the spring. Water polo player Andrea Gomez believes “…being able to condition with the swim team in preparation for water polo season helps create a stronger water polo team.”

Although competing creates goals and develops resilience and determination, this conditioning group is looking like a positive option for those water polo players just trying to stay in shape or those swimmers that do not have the confidence to compete against other schools yet.

“I think it is a great opportunity for other students to earn and get a bit of exercise and maybe with a bit of motivation get them to compete for the school,” girls swimming Coach Carlos Couzo said.

Space is sometimes a problem at the pool and swimmers may have to share lanes with others to make room for the conditioning lanes. This may cause conflict, but overall the benefits outweigh the problems.  It brings all types of swimmers together and gives them an amazing opportunity to work on social skills, and stay active. Even if the pool may be crowded, it is not fazing the girls swim team who have won every swim meet so far.


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