Students rush in to the FIFA World Cup

Written By: Zara Campbell

The world’s most famous sporting event took place this summer in Russia, with some of the greatest soccer (or football as it’s called by 99% of the world) players and fans from across the globe  gathered to celebrate their diverse cultures, passion for sport, and national pride. Despite the US missing out on the prestigious competition, some of our MAST students still made the lengthy trip to Russia.

Junior, Lucas Virgil enjoyed this one-of-a-kind experience of the world cup. “[It was] definitely…memorable…because of the games and the fans, but also getting to travel around Russia and getting to talk to some [of] the people and see all the different sites” Lucas said. When asked how it was like to be exposed to such an environment, surrounded by so many fans from all over the world Lucas replied,  “The atmosphere amongst the fans from South America and Africa was jubilant and they were always chanting even if their team wasn’t even winning…fans that I saw from Europe were less active…the Senegal fans also stayed after the game to clean up garbage from their section” Here his words stand as a testament to what the World Cup is all about; it is a celebration of the diverse cultures of the different peoples of the world, from the passionate South Americans, to the more subdued Europeans, to the respectful Africans.

The World Cup is a sporting event that really transcends sport, and is more about  human nature, culture, and customs. It’s about togetherness passion and all the things that make our world so great; Let’s apply all these ideals to our daily life, here at school, and wherever we venture, to spread the joys of what makes the earth, and the peoples of it, so great.

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