Running with Rosin: our newest P.E. coach

Written By: Zuzelle Ramos

Christopher Rossin has gone from the classroom to the field. As the history department says goodbye to one of their fellow teachers, the athletics department welcomes their proud new member. In preparation for his future role as Athletics Director,  Rossin has begun his training. With the help of the current athletics director, Kimberlie Eidenire Rosin is learning about the responsibilities that come with his future position.

“The training has been going well, athletics start the last week in July, so since then we have been working hard to have everything ready for the start of school and beyond. From athletic packets and insurance to the scheduling of buses and paying referees, there is zero room for error, and although it was a bit overwhelming at first I feel like I am starting to hit in stride. Ms. Eidenire has worked with me through every step in the process and ensured that I did not make any (major) mistakes and she hasn’t been too tough on me for the silly ones I have made” Rossin said.  

When Rossin becomes the new athletics director, there are many things he would like to improve in the athletics program, especially school spirit.  

“We need to increase our school spirit at MAST. In the past I’ve heard about how no one went to games and head students talk about how much this team stinks and these players must not work hard. All of that made me really sad, so I decided to offer extra credit AP euro and honor world and we had a much better turn out. Symbolizing what I want most is students like Landon Watford, who went out and got their own shark suit and came to the games as the unofficial/official mascot. This is so hard to do because many students are not prideful of MAST for whatever reason, but I think everyone in administration is committed to helping us create some MAST pride,” Rossin said.

Even though Rossin was a history teacher, the switch to the field has not made a huge impact on him because he is used to these kinds of activities during the summer.

“Over the summer I work teaching many of the same things that I do now in PE (swimming, kayaking, paddle boarding, snorkeling) and sometimes I think I am having more fun than the students”Rosin said.

Although he has left the classroom, teaching history will always be a part of him.

“I have been teaching history now for six years and have loved every minute of it. I will definitely miss the fun of making and finding historical memes but I don’t think I will miss grading DBQs that much. Besides, I have many books on tape that I can still listen to to get my history fix,” Rossin said.

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