Protect and serve: New officer arrives on campus

Written By: Bryan Gomez

This year we have been joined by a set of fresh faces… and a cop car. Among these faces is the new School Resource Officer, Ariel Nuñez. The young officer has been in the force for one year, working at the City of Hialeah Police Department.

When asked about the comparison between his last job and working here he said, “One year there felt like ten. Everything is beautiful here and everyone has been so nice.” A Miami native himself, Nuñez graduated from Mater Academy and later attended Miami-Dade North School of Justice. True to his roots, Nuñez is a big fan of Cuban cuisine.

“Fricasé de pollo is fire,”Nuñez said.

Nuñez is quick to give advice, particularly emphasizing kindness and respect.

“Talk to people. Just say ‘Hi.’ It makes a difference,”Nuñez said.

Nuñez values discipline and respecting authority, pointing out that they are imperative lessons for teenagers which is why he likes the JROTC program. But do not be fooled by the uniform and badge, Nunez is much more approachable than he may seem. Nuñez’s down to earth demeanor is one of his most powerful tools for achieving his goals as School Resource Officer.

“I want to become part of the family. We need to be a unit; to be one,”Nuñez said.

A former student athlete himself, Nuñez hopes to come watch and support our student athletes.

At only 27 years old, Nuñez was among the first new School Resource officers to be sworn in. After the Parkland massacre in nearby Broward county, Nuñez felt a calling to work in schools. A new Miami-Dade initiative called for an officer present in every school, along with scanning visitor’s IDs which are registered in a government database, new GPS trackers on school buses, and a new county-wide school surveillance system. All these measures are meant to make Miami’s schools safer from the ever-growing threat of gun violence.


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