New bus system hits bumps in the road

Written By: Emilio Pagan

As a result of the problems from previous years, administration has established a new bus system at our school. Now, students have to line up in front of their bus designated by orange cones, either Vizcaya or Key Biscayne.

“The whole purpose of the new system is to increase student safety,” assistant principal Mrs. Liliana Suarez said.

Within the first few weeks of the new school year the bus system ran into a few obstacles. Some of the students that started the school year late were not added to a bus line, but the main problem was the shortage of buses.

Since only the buses for Key Biscayne showed up, students that ride the Vizcaya bus had to wait until the buses from the Key returned to pick them up en route to Vizaya.

“It’s whack. All the new system has done is ensure us that we still don’t have enough punctual Vizcaya buses. One time I got out at 3:45,” senior Jaylen Bishop said.

Recognizing the anger of many students, Dr. Michael Gould worked to solve the problem.

“I sent a letter to the ‘the boss’ of transportation, and managed to reroute the buses that go to door to door to stop at Vizcaya,” Gould said.

Overall, the new system should ultimately ensure students’ safety and the efficiency of our school’s transportation.


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