Dance to This! Troye Sivan’s new album, Bloom

Written By: Alexia Urena

Troye Sivan’s highly anticipated sophomore album, Bloom, has finally arrived. The electronic, dream pop sensation returned 3 years after the release of his debut album, Blue Neighbourhood. Sivan has garnered nearly 13 million monthly Spotify listeners, and debuted at number four on the Billboard charts upon Bloom’s release.

The album has been received to high critical acclaim; 4 stars from Rolling Stone, 8.6 by Metacritic, and 5 stars by The Independent, to name a few.

Bloom is composed of 10 tracks in a quick 36 minutes. For up-to-date fans, the album only had 5 new songs. However, the cohesiveness of the album as a whole makes up for the lack of more unreleased songs.

Sivan’s album spans a wide range of emotions and styles for old and new fans alike. Tracks like My, My, My, Bloom, and Plum are upbeat, pure fun pop songs. On the other hand, Animal and The Good Side are far more mellow, their captivating lyrics carrying the songs on their backs.

Bloom also includes two features: Postcard with Australian singer-songwriter Gordi and Dance to This with none other than Ariana Grande.  The two songs are starkly different than one other, Postcard is a sentimental ballad and “Dance to This” is more of a sweet and smooth dance track.

The album is honest and vulnerable in its lyrics. Sivan has shown his growth since Blue Neighbourhood, the songs are more brooding and deeper in meaning. Bloom covers everything from the ups and downs of relationships to Sivan exploring his sexuality.

Sivan is one of few artists who are so open about being gay, a topic that is still taboo in modern music. In Seventeen, for example, Sivan sings about his first time putting himself out to the daunting online dating scene as an innocent teenager, his uneasiness and excitement resonating with LGBTQ audiences.  

If you are looking for something to dance to or cry to- whatever suits you best- Troye Sivan’s Bloom is definitely worth the listen.


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