Ahoy, Dr.McKoy!

Written By: Diego Garcia

As a new year rolled in, we welcomed a new captain onboard. Dr. Derrick McKoy is the newest addition to the Mako family and he is excited for what is in store in his future.

Before coming to MAST, McKoy was the principal at Eneida M. Hartner Elementary in Wynwood. There, he helped the many young students that were dealing with hardships such as impoverishment with systems he established. He also appreciated working at an elementary because he believes that the future of student depends on a good upbringing by being educated at a young age. It was hard for him to leave the elementary school he worked in but at the same time it was a “token” because now he has the chance to be the principal of a high school again.

This is not McKoy’s first time working at a high school, he was the principal at Norland Senior High for six years. With a doctorate in education and specialization on school management and instructional leadership and his previous work experience, he is prepared for this new task ahead of him.

“Based on my career and my past, I believed I could be a good fit here at MAST,” said McKoy.

The future is looking bright for the school as McKoy has many things planned to make his first year have a lasting impact. One of his goals this year is to strengthen the “No Place for Hate” program and inviting the Sandy Hook Foundation to make m a Sandy Hook Promise School.

Another one of McKoy’s plans is to get more involved with the parents by hosting “Second Cup of Coffee with the Captain” in specific mornings throughout the year and also learn more about the students by holding “Captain Calls” in which he will sit down at lunch and listen to what the student body has to say. McKoy says that his decision to get more involved is because he feels more productive when he knows what is going around the school.

“I don’t thrive well in an environment where I feel closed in,” said McKoy when asked why he was often out of his office interacting with the MAST family.

McKoy also wants to increase the school spirit. He envisions a future in which students are proud to be Makos and what it means to be one, proud to have school traditions, and a future in which the alma mater is known throughout the halls of the ship that he is now the captain of.


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